The Town of Landis is working to protect our local streams from being damaged by stormwater pollution.  When it rains, pollutants such as fertilizer, oil, grease and pet waste are picked up from the ground and carried into the nearest storm drain down the street. The storm drains are not connected to a treatment system, so everything that flows down the drain goes directly to the nearest water body.

You can make a difference and help us keep our local waters clean. As a visitor to this site you've already taken the first step – getting informed. Step two – get involved by doing one or more of the following:

  • Adopt a couple of clean water habits to reduce pollution from your home.

  • Adopt a couple of clean water habits to reduce pollution from your business.

  • Get involved with local projects and volunteer opportunities.

  • Report stormwater problems.


While citizens, businesses and industry are working to prevent stormwater pollution, the Town of Landis is busy doing the same.  In 2005, we received a Phase II Stormwater permit that requires that we develop and implement a stormwater management program that includes the following measures:

  • Teach citizens and business owners about how they can prevent and reduce stormwater pollution.

  • Involve citizens in developing and implementing our local stormwater program.

  • Look for and remove unlawful discharges to the stormwater sewer system.

  • Regulate new development activities to ensure that they provide appropriate treatment for stormwater before it reaches local waterways.

  • Reduce and eliminate pollution resulting from our activities.

To report illegal dumping, illicit discharges, illicit connections or any other problem related to the Town's Stormwater system please call 704-857-2411, option 2, option 2 again during normal business hours. For a problem or emergency after hours, on weekends or over a holiday please contact 704-857-2411, option 2.