Sewage Backup Policy


The Town of Landis is responsible for maintaining sewer mains and manholes, which are located in public rights of way (Town and State maintained roads) and Town owned easements. Property owners are responsible for maintaining sewer laterals (line between sewer main and the structure being served).


The Town of Landis makes a concerted effort to keep the 36 miles of sewer mains in a good state of repair. However, conditions may develop within the system that may cause sewage to back-up into a residence or business.



The purpose of this policy is to make clear the property owners responsibilities concerning the sewer lines located on their property and the steps a property owner should take when a sewage back-up occurs. This policy also addresses some of the reasons sewer back-ups occur and what can be done to prevent them.




The property owner is responsible for keeping the sewer line free from blockages between the structure being served and the sewer main.


If a customer discovers a problem with their sewer lateral, the customer may contact the Water/Sewer Maintenance department and request personnel troubleshoot the problem. Personnel will respond by inspecting the downstream sewer main and the sewer lateral if a cleanout is located at the edge or within the public road or utility right of way. If a cleanout has not been installed, the property owner is responsible for the installation.


If sewage backs-up into the owner,s property, the owner should contact the Water/Sewer Maintenance department immediately. Personnel will respond quickly as possible to assess the situation and determine if the sewer main is flowing freely or if the blockage is the responsibility of the owner




Many things may become lodged in a sewer line which can result in a back-up; sticks, rocks, bricks, pieces of broken pipe, rags, GREASE, paper towels, sanitary napkins, plastics, etc. While it is illegal to place or discharge such things into the sewer system these items still unfortunately appear. Two of the major causes of blockages and back-ups are GREASE and tree roots. Tree roots grow naturally and intrude into the Town’s sewer lines. Although the Town can’t prevent tree root growth in the sewer lines, the Water/Sewer Maintenance dept does take measures to inhibit growth by adding environmentally safe chemicals kill root growth in known problem areas and by the machine jetting of sewer lines to cut away growth.


Fats, Oil , and Grease(FOG) are a major contributor to sewer back-ups and overflows. The Town of Landis requires commercial users to install and maintain a grease trap or grease interceptor. Residential users should never dispose of fats, oils and grease into a sink, sewer or storm water drain.