SAFE Program

What is SAFE?

The initials of SAFE stand for Safety Assessment For Emergencies.  SAFE is for seniors and the disabled population who are living in homes without adequate home security equipment and fire safety appliances.  Your home is safer if you have:

  • Smoke Detectors (replace every 10 years)
  • Reflective House Numbers
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors (when appropriate)
  • Annual replacement of batteries
  • Peepholes in exterior door
  • Dead bolt lock

Is your home SAFE?

The "better safe than sorry" adage certainly applies to making sure your home has the basic safety and security devices.   The Rowan County Senior Services Department is making the detectors, house numbers and batteries available to any senior 60 years of age and older to improve safety in the home.  Just drop by our offices to request what is needed and if installation assistance is needed, we can make the arrangements through a local fire department.  The dead bolt lock and peepholes are reserved for those with the greatest need and generally must be recommended by a law enforcement officer or social worker.  A bonded locksmith is employed to install these devices. 

What does it cost?

All material costs are provided for by a grant from The Blanche & Julian Robertson Family Foundation Inc.  Although recipients of the SAFE Program will not be charged, they will be given an opportunity to make a contribution, which will be used to support project expenses.

Who Provides this Service?

The SAFE Project was conceived by public service agencies and senior representatives who serve on the “ARE YOU OK?” program committee that provides a daily telephone safety check.  The Landis Fire Department is a key participating agency.


What are the objectives of The SAFE Project? 

  • To give advance warnings of dangerous fires, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels.
  • To help emergency responders to more easily identify homes in crisis.
  • To make homes less susceptible to break-ins and potential violence.
  • To lessen the fear and anxiety for Seniors & Disabled individuals living alone.