October 5, 2009

Regular Board of Aldermen Meeting October 2009

Regular Board Meeting of the Landis Board of Aldermen.  A public hearing concerning a proposed graffiti ordinance will be held at this meeting; a copy of the proposed ordinance can be obtained by contacting City Hall at 704.857.2411 during normal business hours.


Public Welcome.


The items on the agenda are as follows: 


  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Invocation
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Agenda Adoption
  6. Consider Adopting the Minutes from the September 14th, 2009 Regular Meeting and the September 21st, 2009 Recessed Meeting
  7. Call to Order Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed Graffiti Ordinance
  8. Consider Adopting the Proposed Graffiti Ordinance
  9. Consider a Request from Rowan Economic Development Commission to Appoint Dr. Carol S. Spalding to fill the vacant position on the Rowan Works Board of Directors
  10. Update on the Pole Attachment Program as Presented by Ted McGavran
  11. Receive Information and Discuss a Water Line Improvement to Turning House Millworks
  12. Discuss the Master Services Agreement Between the Town of Landis and O’Brien & Gere Engineers
  13. Discussion of the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) as Presented by Alderman Hilton
  14. Receive Request from the Fire Chief to Allow Golf Carts on Certain Streets
  15. Department Head Comments
  16. Comments from Board Members
  17. Comments from Citizens
  18. Consider Going Into Executive Session for Legal and Personnel Matters
  19. Adjourn Meeting



Citizen Comments – Rules of Procedure

  • When coming forward, please state your name and address.
  • Try to limit your comments to 5 minutes so all of our Citizens will have a chance to speak.
  • Please limit your time before the Board to one (1) Comment session.
  • Please, courtesy is expected at all times.