Planning Board


The Town of Landis Planning Board meets the second Tuesday of the month, as needed, in the City Council Chambers.  It is made up of nine members, that are appointed by the Town Board of Aldermen from the citizens of Landis. 


The Planning Board handles all issues regarding re-zoning requests, zoning map amendments, zoning variances, special actions involving zoning, and would review all major subdivision requests.    This board would also review any development plans for commerical and business entities.  


Five members of the Planning Board also serve on the Board of Adjustments.  The Board of Adjustments only meets when required.  


To be placed on the Planning Board agenda you would need to contact the Zoning Administrator at (704) 857-2411 a minimum of two weeks before the next scheduled meeting.  Applications and fees may apply to certain requests. 


Zoning Administrator: