Knox Box Secure Systems


Do you own a commercial business?  Do you have an elderly family member that lives alone?  Knox secure systems gives the availability for fire departments to make easy access to your business or home without damaging your property.

Save yourself time and money by not having to replace doors or windows that firefighters may have to force open to get to a loved one, to silence a fire alarm, to stop a leaking sprinkler head.

Knox secure systems allows fire departments to retain a key to access your Knox box at your home or business to gain access to one or more keys that open your doors on the property in an everyday useful manner.

You say, “I can’t afford to purchase a Knox secure system”.

First, can you apply a money value to a loved ones’ life when seconds count?  Secondly, the average front door at any given residence cost anywhere from $400 - $1,800 to have replaced.  Purchasing a Knox secure system and having the fire department make use of it one time, pays for itself.

Contact our Knox Program Coordinator Lieutenant Charles Sheeks for more information or questions.  Remember, let us help you in a cheaper, safer, and fast manner when seconds count.





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