Burning of Trash


It shall be unlwaful for any person to pile, or allow paper, rags, boxes or other flammable material to accumulate on property owned or occupied by him or her within a fire district, unless burned within a stove, fireplace, wire hamper or other suitable container or means that will prevent the fire from spreading. (as per the Code of Ordinances, Section 91.16, Fire Prevention General Regulations)


Citizens should note, however, that the Town of Landis provides debris removal of limbs and leaves provided they are placed at curbside.


In order to burn within Landis limits, you should first acquire a burn permit from the North Carolina Forestry Service.

North Carolina Foresty Service Website.


Note: Accumlation of trash, paper, rags, boxes or other flammable material on a property may also violate the nuisance ordinance. Please see the code enforcment section under Administration for reference.