June 6, 2011

Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting

The Regular Board Meeting of the Landis Board of Aldermen will be held Monday, June 6th, 2011, 2010 at 7:00pm at 312 South Main Street.

Public Welcome.




  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Invocation
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Agenda Adoption
  6. Consider Adopting the Minutes from the April 11th, 2011 Budget Workshop , the April 19th, 2011 Budget Workshop, the May 2nd, 2011 Regular Meeting and the May 10th, 2011 Budget Workshop.  
  7. Public Hearing Regarding the Proposed 2011-2012 Budget
  8. Consider Awarding Contract for Solid Waste Collection to Crash Morrison’s Garbage Service, Inc.
  9. Consider Adopting the Proposed 2011-2012 Budget
  10. Consider Approving Certain Budget Amendments as Presented by the Finance Officer
  11. Consider Adopting Application and Permit Fees for Stormwater
  12. Hear Presentation from John Keever with Electricities on the North Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program
  13. Department Head Comments
  14. Comments from Board Members
  15. Comments from Citizens
  16. Consider Going into Executive Session to Discuss Legal and Personnel Matters
  17. Adjourn Meeting


*A Notice to Citizens*

Any citizen needing special accommodations should notify Town Staff prior to the meeting date.  If for any reason during the meeting you are unable to hear Staff or Guest Speakers, please raise your hand and alert the Mayor.

* Citizen Comments – Rules of Procedure

  • When coming forward, please state your name and address.
  • Try to limit your comments to 5 minutes so all of our Citizens will have a chance to speak.
  • Please limit your time before the Board to one (1) Comment session.
  • Please, courtesy is expected at all times.