Backflow & Cross Connection Control Program


Please read this requirement for your water system.

In July 2003, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Health required all public water systems in the state with more than five testable backflow assemblies to have a backflow and cross-connection control program. The Town of Landis Water System falls within this requirement.


What is a cross-connection?

A cross-connection is any arrangement of pipes, fittings, fixtures, or devices that directly or indirectly connects a non-potable system to a potable water system.


What is backflow?

The term “backflow” shall mean the undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases or other substances onto the distribution pipes of the potable supply of water from any source or sources.


What is a backflow prevention assembly?

A backflow prevention assembly is an approved device or method used to prevent backflow from occurring  in the potable water supply.


What is the Town of Landis doing as a result of the requirement?

Due to the requirement, the Town of Landis Water Department has developed a backflow and cross-connection control program, which will help protect the public potable water supply against contamination by containing, within within a private property or premises, pollution resulting from a cross-connection. To make this program viable and successful, the Town of Landis needs your cooperation. If you meet the backflow prevention assembly requirements, you must install an approved backflow prevention assembly on your service connection in accordance with the Town of Landis policy.


Who must install a backflow prevention device? 

All irrigation systems, residential and commercial are required to have the appropriate backflow assembly installed or upgraded to the policy standards.  All commercial, industrial and multi-family dwelling taps are required to have an appropriate backflow prevention assembly installed or upgraded to the policy standards.


What are the testing requirements for the backflow prevention assemblies? 

All backflow prevention assemblies must be tested at time of installation and then tested on an annual basis, at the customers cost. The testing must be conducted by a certified tester approved by the Town of Landis. Results must be reported to the Town of Landis Water Department. For installation and upgrade  specifications and requirements, contact the Town of Landis Water Department using the contact information below.


How do I know what type of backflow assembly is required on existing water services?

Inspectors are working their way across the water system inspecting irrigation, commercial and industrial connections to determine what backflow assemblies are currently installed and who needs newly installed or upgraded backflow assemblies. Eventually, every water connection in the system will be investigated. All new water services must have the appropriate backflow assembly installed before water service can be activated.



Chris Ritchie, Water/Sewer ORC


Chris Ritchie, Backflow Coordinator