Water Fees


 Meter fee


 Reconnect fees (8-5, M-F)


 Reconnect fees (after hours, weekends)


 Meter Tampering fee


 Meter Test¹


 Meter Reread²


 Access Fee


 Tap Fee (3/4 inch)


 Tap Fee (1 inch)


 Tap Fee (1 1/4 inch and more)

 $1150.00 (plus cost)

 Meter Reading for Topping off Pool³

 $10.00 (plus water)

 Meter change out (at owner's request)



 $5.00 (residential)/ $10.00 (commercial)

 Water map




1. One meter test annually, at no cost. Any additional testing requires set fee, unless a problem is located.
2. First two meter rereads annually, at no cost. Any additional rereads requires set fee, unless there was a misread of the meter.
3. One time per month of topping pool allowed at no additional charge other than cost of water. Additional reads subject to fees, plus water. Requests for reads must be made during the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday, no holidays.