Volunteer Members


From inception, the Town of Landis Fire Department has relied on volunteer members to respond to calls and protect the citizens of Landis and surrounding areas. Listed below are the current members of our volunteer staff.  These individuals are hard working, dedicated men and women who give their freely in order to provide a better, safer community.


Eddie Ashworth - Firefighter

Alan Beaver – Firefighter

Dennis Brown - Assistant Chief

Danny Eller – Firefighter

Ben Endicott – Firefighter

Rusty Hawks – Firefighter

James Horne - Firefighter

Donna Delaney - Medical Coordinator

Douglas R. Linn - Fire Chief

Ron Miller - Captain

Maurice "Dusty" Mills – Firefighter

Chris Moss - Firefighter

A.B. Patterson - Firefighter

Buddy Porter – Firefighter

Kevin Rodgers - Firefighter

Andrew Rowland - Firefighter

Tim Rowland - Captain

Mike Sheely - Firefighter

Grady Wilhoit - Captain

Rodney Wilhoit - Captain