The Town of Landis Street Divison maintains all Town-owned streets and consists of six employees. Among its responsibilities are patching potholes, removing dead animals and maintaining ditches. The division also cleans and maintains storm drains, cuts Town right of ways and removes trash from Town streets .


The Town of Landis provides Street Division services to over 3,000 customers.


The Town of Landis Sanitation Department consists of a 5-man team who operate a 9 ton sanitation truck and a garbage truck used for curbside household debris pickup.  Trash collection is done on a weekly basis via backyard pickup.  The route begins on Monday morning and generally is completed by Thursday afternoon.  If your trash has not been collected by Friday morning, please contact our office at (704) 857-0131.  Please keep in mind that in some rare cases weather, workload and holidays may delay completion of the normal route.