Recyclables are collected weekly on Tuesdays and must be separated from household trash and placed in a container provided by the Town of Landis which should be placed by the curb (but still in the customer's yard) no later than 6:00am on the day of recycling. 


Carts should be removed from the curb no more than 24 hours after collection.

For missed pick ups or problems please contact Landis City Hall at 704.857.2411.


The following items are accepted by the Town's recyling program.  Items do not have to be separated: 


Aluminum Cans -

Beverage cans only; please rinse.


Glass Bottles -

Brown and Clear only; please rinse and discard all lids.


Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags -

Three part cardboard and brown paper bags; flatten all boxes and remove all styrofoam and other shipping materials.


Mixed paper -

Paperboard (food), boxes, junk mail, colored paper, phone books, soft back books; seperate from other types of paper.


Newspaper - 

Includes inserts; seperate from other types of paper


#1-#7 Plastic Bottles - 

Must be a bottle, neck must be smaller than the base; rinse and discard all lids.


Steel Cans - 

Food cans only; please rinse.