Administration Fees


 Single Individual Paper Copies  $0.15  
 Single CD/DVD Copy  $15.00  
 Copy of Budget  $2.50  
 Copy of Town Charter  $5.00  
 Copy of Town Code/Ordinance   $50.00  
 Copy of Individual Ordinance  $5.00  
 Copy of Zoning Ordinance  $25.00  
 Copy of Subdivision Ordinance  $15.00  
 Copy of Watershed Ordinance  $10.00  
 Zoning Permit (Detached Residential)  $30.00  
Zoning Permit (Single Family) $40.00  
Zoning Permit (Multi-Family duplex) $50.00  
Zoning Permit (Multi-Family triplex) $75.00  
Zoning Permit (Multi-Family - four or more units) $100.00 (per building)
Zoning Permit (Commericial or Industrial) $150.00  
Zoning Permit (New business zonine fee) $50.00  
 Zoning Map (Large)  $30.00  
 Zoning Map (Small)  $10.00  
 Zoning Text/Map Change Request  $100.00  
 Watershed High Density Review  $100.00  
 Zoning Variance Appeal/Special Action  $75.00  
 Major Subdivision Review  $50.00  
 Minor Subdivision Review  $25.00  
 Return Check Fees  $30.00